Review: Doodle Art Alley Coloring Book #12

Title: Doodle Art Alley Coloring Book #12

Author: Samantha Snyder


Publisher's Insight:

Calling All Cat Lovers. Color Your Way to Fun, Inspiration, and Relaxation. 

"Cats are a mysterious kind of folk." --Walter Scott 

"The cat is nature's beauty." --French Proverb 

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" --Charles Dickens 

All You Need Is Love…and a Cat shares 50 doodle art images of inspiring proverbs, quotes, and sayings printed on one side of the page for all ages to color.
Quotes from famous authors include Robert Byrne, Charles Dickens, Robert A. Heinlein, Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mark Twain. The book also includes proverbs and sayings from “Behind every great person is a great cat,” “Dogs have owners, cats have staff,” and “If stretching were wealth the cat would be rich” to “The cat is magical and the bringer of good luck” and “You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.”
Each doodle art image has been carefully selected to provide plenty of enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.


It's no secret, I'm in love with my cat. Heck I just ordered a cat ring from Amazon, and I have two cat necklaces. This year I'll be wearing a pink kitty sweatshirt for Christmas, and I have two Christmas sweaters. Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady!

So when Doodle Art Alley came out with this particular coloring book, I was in awe. I had to have it, I wanted it!

It's just a wonderful collection of sweet sayings and beautiful little kitties. Here are some of the sayings that are on the beautiful pages:

Cats are a mysterious kind of folk. ~Walter Scott
The cat is nature's beauty. ~French Proverb
The cat is magical and the bringer of good luck. ~Indian Proverb
After dark all cats are leopards. ~Native American Proverb

What lovely sentiments with great doodles to go with it. I recommend this book for cat loves, kids, adults, and adults who think they have a little kid in them. It's well worth the experience it gives.

Great news, today is the first day that this book goes live. Head on over there now.

 I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade

Silver Flame (Vampire Girl, #3)Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She may have been an ordinary girl, but this was not an ordinary story. Another good Karpov Kinrade book. Ari is pulled into yet another conflict, this time by Levi who is the bad guy you love to hate, because he is a real ... well let's not start name calling, but he's a real pain. It's amazing how everyone keeps it together to unite against the threat that is coming to ruin them all. I can tell you that I was not expecting the end of this story, it was a shock and left me reeling in shock!

I was however a little disappointed in the flow of this book. It just didn't seem to follow the normal ebb and flow that I'm used to in the Karpov Kinrade books. I can't wait to see book 4 in order to see what happens next and see if the flow problem is fixed a bit...

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Review: Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children by Patricia May

Title: Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children

Author: Patricia May


Publisher's Insight:

A Seashell Meditation for Children, Under the Sea, is a unique coloring activity book that contains a short meditation story rhyme using a seashell as a tool for focus and concentration. With a simple and easy meditation technique, even the youngest children can engage and have fun. The book encourages the child to use their imagination while listening to the story as it is being read. The child then can color the pages that corresponds with the meditation story as well as create their own images in spaces provided. Mindfulness meditation techniques help to relax kids, creates many benefits of meditation, and encourages the child to engage and participate. Very interactive and fun for all. (Seashell not Included)


Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for ChildrenUnder the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children by Patricia May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have anxiety, depression and pain and use meditation to help ease some of the pain associated with it. It's taken me many years and many books, sites, and apps to help me get to the core of what I need to know.

I found this book to be adorable and very accurate to what my psychologist uses to help me meditate and actually to be hypnotized. They had a wonderful little rhyme and visualization that really made it easy to follow and something that a child would actually want to do. I loved the fact that there were activities in the book as well as coloring pages. It made it relatable and fun.

I would suggest this to any parent/psychologist/therapist who would like to teach their little ones how to meditate in a fun and constructive way.

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************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: Christian Comic Book - Tullus #1

Title: Tullus: Adventures of a Christian Boy in Roman Times

Author: David C. Cook

Buy Link: CLICK HERE for Kindle copy

Publisher's Insight:

...[This] is a reprint of a comic strip published in Sunday Pix in 1952 by the David C. Cook company. I loved it as a child. I still love it today. I reprinted it because in this day and age of increasingly 'adult' comic books, we need some comic books for children.

Single copies are $4.99 plus $3 shipping, or can be downloaded from amazon.com [link above] for the Kindle Fire. Orders from churches for their Sunday school classes, or from Christian book stores, can get a 40% discount on orders of ten or more copies or a 50% discount on orders of 100 or more copies. On these discounted orders, I pay shipping. I can accept checks [email me] at the address above, or payment to f.norwood@att.net for [PayPal payment].


I've put off this review for quite some time. It's been weighing on my heart to give such a poor review to something that should be a good step for Christian children and parents.

But I pride myself in giving the most honest reviews I can without being cruel, so that is why this has taken so long.

The idea of Tullus was a great thing, and I'm sure that back in the 50's it would have been a little more relevant, but I can't see a child of today's day and age picking this up and being drawn into it. They would take one look (and read) of it and quit after several pages, much as I wanted to do.

I applaud Nick Norwood for taking on this project and trying to reach out to the Christian children of the world, but I feel that this was not the way to do it.

If a comic from the 50's is something that you would enjoy, please don't let this review sway you from trying this comic because it may bring back some nostalgia for you and bring you joy.

 I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: The One Year Book of Healing

Title: The One Year Book of Healing

Author: Dr. Reggie Anderson


Publisher's Insight:

We’re all sick and we’re all hurting. Whether it’s a broken arm or a broken heart, a chronic illness or wounds from our past, the fact remains: We are all in desperate need of God’s healing. In our pain, it can be easy to believe God has forgotten about us, to believe that he doesn’t even care.

Dr. Reggie Anderson, author of the acclaimed memoir Appointments with Heaven, knows it can’t be predicted how God’s healing work will come to pass in our lives and hearts . . . only that it will. As a country doctor who has had remarkable experiences attending people in pain, Reggie wants you to see what he sees every day―that whatever your sickness, whatever your hurt, God is alive and active in your life. He wants you to be truly well, even if that looks different than you might expect. Rich in story and inspiration, The One Year Book of Healing will reveal the many ways our Savior heals and intervenes in the lives of the sick and the hurting―giving you the faith, hope, and patience to believe that God can do the same in your life.


There are several types of healing that I need in my life.


I have a hard time dealing with the reality of both of them in my life. Of knowing that I can't control how I feel on them, or so I thought. I have been reading this book and beginning to understand how God is able to help me control how I feel about them. I may not be able to control what happened to me, or the physical manifestation of my pain, but I can change the way that I deal with it, and who I go to to help me feel better.

This book is so well written, with great anecdotes about the scripture given and a great action to go with it, then a prayer that leads you in the right way to start your prayer to head into this devotional time. What a blessing to have in my life and I plan on getting more blessings in the year to come. And the best thing about it, I feel that the message (even reading it a second time a year later) will have a different meaning for you and help you in the way that you need it, when you need it. 

************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: Happy on Purpose by Diana Fletcher

Title: Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women

Author: Diana Fletcher


Publisher's Insight:

This book is a mini-roadmap to mega-happiness. Think of the happiest person you know. Who is she and what is her secret? Well that woman can be you! It starts with the realization that being happy is a personal choice that you make every day. Happy on Purpose gives you the tools to do so. Diana Fletcher guides you through the year with daily messages to help you remove self-imposed obstacles and claim your true power. Each page offers a chance to pause and reflect on how you approach situations. She reveals how even the smallest changes can make the biggest differences in your life. The accompanying happy action items help you regroup and focus on what really matters. As a loving inspirational guide, Diana shares her wisdom and humor to encourage you to step beyond limitations and take good care of yourself--physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you do so, you connect with your authentic nature, which can lead to profound joy.


What a joy that I have come across this book to read. I have been making a conscience effort on my part to be a more joyous and content person. Sometimes it's been quite a struggle for me and I've needed a little help on the front. I've gotten rid of some toxic people in my life and have been looking for something that will continually remind me of things that I can do in order to continue on this mission. That's when Happy on Purpose came into my life.

This book is filled with great stories that have a purpose and meaning to them, and in a way that you are able to relate. I love it. And at the end of the story there is a "Happy Action" for you to work on. It's these little nuggets and treasures that have kept me going towards my goal point.

I'd like to thank Diana Fletcher for writing this wonderful book, she's helping to change my life one daily entry at a time.

************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Scarlet City Studios Online Christian Video Game Aetherlight

TitleAetherlight - online Christian video game

Author: Scarlet City Studios


Publisher's Insight:

Why is this important?

Pre-teens today grow up in a world with many competing stories on which they can base their lives. Will it be the story of consumerism? Or perhaps the story of Hedonism? Or even the story of Nihilism? None of these stories are sustainable, and to the Christian, we know that the best story to base your life on is the story of a loving God who created the world good, and despite humanity’s sin, has enacted a plan to redeem and restore that which he created. Pre-teens are caught up in various "life stories" at a young age, and we believe that these stories need to be subverted at a young age with the story of the gospel, so that pre-teens (and teens!) can begin to live an alternative story with confidence. Knowing the story of the Bible will give tweens and teens a vocabulary and a “set of lenses” to view the world and culture as they transition from childhood into adulthood.


I'm mixed on this review. It should be somewhere between a two star and a three star. My preteen found this game too much on the simple side. They are used to playing games that are harder to work with and honestly less Godly. I played for a bit and I too found it to be quite simplistic in its game play. Even Minecraft seems to be much more on the hard side than this game. I honestly wouldn't pay for this game.

I'm really finding it hard to give any positive input into this game. The graphics were simple but on the cute side, but completely not realistic. The voices didn't actually talk you had to read everything. I wish that I could come up with something more positive.

************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: Girls Slimline Bible NLT

TitleGirls Slimline Bible NLT

Publisher: Tyndale


Publisher's Insight:
This adorable edition of God’s Word for girls features the easy-to-understand New Living Translation text with a soft-fur, bright-neon LOVE design and silver glittery lining. The BOLD FAITH design on the back cover encourages girls to live out their faith in ways that bring God glory.

This hardcover deluxe edition also features purple page edges, neon orange ribbon marker, special presentation page, 8 pages of full-color maps, and a 53-page dictionary/concordance to help locate passages on various topics.

The New Living Translation text is excellent for young readers because it is so clear and they can understand what they are reading! When they can read and understand God’s Word, God can work in their hearts!


OK, I hate to say it out loud, because it sounds rather silly...but I LOVE THIS BIBLE! OK, there are only a few books that I love because of the way they are manufactured and this is definitely one.

The first thing that you notice with this bible is the soft velveteen finish that the cover is made of. Imagine the soft ears of a dog that you love and you will have what the bible feels like. Next, the colors are fabulous. Definitely a bible that a girl would love to carry around the word LOVE highlighted on the front. Where most bibles have the edge of the leaves colored gold, these are colored purple and they are just adorable. The cover is sturdy and the inside of the book has a place to write a To: and From:. When I buy a bible for myself I always put To: Tami From: God!

I could go through all of the features of the book but this review would be quite long. Just know that anything you could want in a bible is there. 365 reading plan, Jesus' words in red, maps, and so much more.

If you have a young girl in your life that could use a nice bible, this is one that you are going to want to put in her hand. Or...if you're just one of those people who enjoy a cute bible to carry around don't hesitate.

************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Release Day Party for Danielle Rose's Blood Books

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The Blood Books trilogy by Danielle Rose is Underworld meets The Craft that fans of Harry Potter and Twilight will enjoy! Readers are praising this "must read" trilogy as "unputdownable" and "purely addicting."

This omnibus edition includes all 3 books (over 700 pages!) in the spellbinding Blood Books trilogy.

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Join today’s online Facebook release day party, where you can win Kindles, gift cards, books, and more from 10 USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.

Visit Danielle on Facebook or if you really love her check her out at this Facebook page! Man, she's really busy! Take the time, you won't regret it.

BLOOD WAR Teaser #1


Review: Midnight Star by Karpov Kinrade

Midnight Star (Vampire Girl, #2)Midnight Star by Karpov Kinrade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You fall in love, you invest your soul. Then, there comes book two. A gripping tale that shows how Ari is who she needs to be in order to settle down the horrid repercussions of war. Can what Ari learns about herself save the man she loves?

Wow, what a gripping book. You learn to love what Ari loves, feel what she feels. KK has brought the characters back to life, made you care about even the most vile of them. I do have to say that book two far exceeds any hopes I had for it. Kudos, I can't wait for book three.

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Review: Redemption Road by John Hart

Title: Redemption Road

Author: John Hart


Publisher's Insight:

Imagine: A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother. A troubled detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a brutal shooting. After thirteen years in prison, a good cop walks free as deep in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, a body cools in pale linen… This is a town on the brink. This is Redemption Road. Brimming with tension, secrets, and betrayal, Redemption Road proves again that John Hart is a master of the literary thriller.


To quote a beloved character from The Big Bang Theory (yes I'm a geek), "Holy Crap on a Cracker!"

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I met John Hart back in 2008. He was doing a talk at a bookstore in Raleigh, North Carolina withe Jeffrey Deaver. My friend (Hey Rose!) kinda knew, through her mother, Jeffrey and we were invited to have dinner with both authors after the talk. To my utter delight I got to sit beside John and I was star struck. He is such a wonderful person, and a delight to know. We talked about everything and every once in a while I'd throw a question in about writing. I wanted to be an author, which I had a book published, but it's no longer circulating since the publisher went out of business. So I was thrown into the world that is John Hart.

When I was offered a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was delighted. I expected nothing but wonderful. I did love The Last Child and expected that this book would be no less gripping. And boy did John hit the mark with this book. Watch this video where John tells you a little about the book.

How could you not want to read that book?

I was gripped by the story from the first few pages, Adrian became the character in the book that I was in love with and wanted to make thing better. He was accused of something he didn't do, and served his time. He comes out into the world again only to be treated as the person they think he was, and he had become a harder man while in prison. Harder, but not in a bad way, if you were on the right side.

I wanted to be Elizabeth. She was a strong well developed character with lines that drew through her soul like the webs of fate. She was so complex, you had to keep reading to see her through her journey.

I am proud to say that John has hit this one out of the park. Way to go sir, I can't wait until your next book.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: the CBT Art Activity Book

Title: the CBT Art Activity Book

Author: Jennifer Guest


Publisher's Insight:

Explore complex emotions and enhance self-awareness with these 100 ready-to-use creative activities.

The intricate, attractive designs are illustrated in the popular zentangle style and are suitable for adults and young people, in individual or group work. The worksheets use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and art as therapy to address outcomes including improved self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, anger management, coping with change and loss, problem solving and future planning. The colouring pages are designed for relaxing stress management and feature a complete illustrated alphabet and series of striking mandala designs.


As a person who has used CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for many years, I found this book to be rather intriguing. Intriguing, you might say? Yes, because I'm a zentangle, doodle, and adult coloring book addict. I'm sure you never thought you'd hear someone talking about those things all together with CBT, but this book gives you the ability to use them all together.

When I received the book in the mail I was initially struck at how high quality the paper was. I know, small potatoes when you are reviewing a book right? WRONG! I've had books with pages the consistency of paper, and I'd never want to read them again they were that frustrating. But this book is well constructed and of high quality.

Now for a novice like me, I loved the graphics and topics that were presented by the author, Jennifer Guest. They, for the most part, were things that I could see myself using to work on some issues that I have within myself. (No insight for you, you know too much about me already from reading my reviews.) I loved the fact that I would be able to print off a copy of the worksheet (yes they are photocopiable) and spend some time working with them, then color the border. Yes, I'm a geek!

The beginning of the book gave a great detailed explanation of how the book could be used and the meanings of some particular psychological terminology. I found it quite insightful and helpful. The end of the book came with the bonus surprise (well not if you read the intro) pack of wonderful alphabet and mandalas to color.

Then I went over to an elementary school guidance counselor that I know and asked her opinion, figuring it would be much more insightful than mine. She said the following:

  • The prompts are simple but they get to the matter and emotion at hand.
  • The ladder sheet was introspective and would be good for problem solving.
  • They'd be engaging for anyone, not just the kids I work for. I'm just seeing this from my point of view.
So overall this book is a win for me. I might have enjoyed a little more adult themed pages, since I am adult, but like I said, they can be used for all ages, you just have to think outside the box.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review. Since this is a 4 star review, I will be keeping it and donating it to the local school district for use with their at need kids.

New Doodle Art Alley Coloring Book! More to Love!

Raising Money for the Africa Study Bible

 photo ASB_zpsuhf0itpg.jpg
Major Christian Organizations Partner to Launch Africa Study Bible Kickstarter Campaign Planned to Help Raise 1 Million for 100,000 Study Bibles 

“The Africa Study Bible is a project that has almost unprecedented ability to positively influence the body of Christ in Africa, perhaps more than other single continental-wide project in the history of Christianity.” --Dr. Danny McCain, University of Jos, Nigeria 

Wheaton, IL – Millions of English-speaking Africans know and love Christ, but for many, God’s word is hard to grasp. With nearly every full evangelical study Bible written from the viewpoint of the United States and United Kingdom, Africans have lacked a resource that connects with their unique experience, hindering discipleship. But that is about to change as major Christian organizations, led by Oasis International, are joining together to launch the Africa Study Bible (ASB), a six-year, cross-continental effort that has produced the first study Bible developed by Africans for Africans.

 photo bible-open-1_zpsa0jkxbg8.jpg
“With the ASB, we’re bringing the power of Scripture to Africa in a new and culturally relevant way,” says Dr. Matthew Elliott, president of Oasis, publisher of the ASB. “Under the leadership of an 11-member editorial board of scholars from across Africa, we’ve brought together 350 writers and editors from over 40 African countries, representing 50 denominations. This is an unprecedented project that will impact the global church.” 

With the editorial nearly complete, Oasis, with the support of its partners, is inviting fellow Christians to join with them in helping get the ASB into the hands of Africans. With a goal of raising one million dollars to print the first 100,000 copies, Oasis is seeking private donors as well as launching a Kickstarter campaign, which begins April 18 and runs through June 16. Contributors to the Kickstarter campaign have the opportunity to receive incentives ranging from artwork prints to limited Italian leather editions of the ASB as well as all-expense paid trips to the launch of the ASB in the United States and in Africa.

“Our goal is to have the first run of the ASB available in Africa by the end of 2016,” says Elliott. “We already know of more than 100 million people in denominations and movements in Africa whose leaders want to use the ASB for discipleship so there is a lot of anticipation throughout the continent.” 

Designed to grow the faith of African church members, teach them to evangelize their communities, and apply a biblical worldview to their society, the ASB uses the New Living Translation and includes 2,400 plus features such as application notes, stories and proverbs, touchpoints that link Africa and the Bible, learn notes that explain basic theology, and major theme articles that apply the Bible to key issues. Oasis plans to initially release the ASB in English with French and Portuguese translations in development. Oasis is also developing a full-featured app of the study Bible.

To support the effort, Oasis is partnering with Tyndale House Publishers to create the study Bible. Other participants include Willow Creek and Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), Scripture Union, Africa Leadership, TransWorld Radio, Moody Broadcasting, Center for Early African Christianity, PJA (Publications pour la Jeunesse Africane), MMD Global, The Livingstone Corporation, InSight Books, Urban Ministries Inc., and the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, with additional participants being added on a regular basis.

“We have seen the hand of God in amazing ways throughout the development of this project,” says Elliott. “In the words of our supervising editor, Dr. John Jusu, the content of the ASB is bubbling up from the cultures of Africa. The biblical truth is percolating through our own cultures and stories to create a rich and textured tapestry that Africans can claim as their own.” 

 photo matthew elliott_zpswugiyfvb.jpg Spokesperson Bio - Meet Matthew Elliott

Dr. Matthew Elliott serves as president of Oasis International and project director for the Africa Study Bible.

Oasis International serves areas of the English-speaking world where people lack access to affordable Christian literature and the Bibles needed to mature in their faith. In these countries, the measure of annual incomes is often in hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. The great needs of Africa, in particular, drive Oasis to concentrate on this continent, where the Church is experiencing significant growth yet printed resources are scarce.

Matthew earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and master’s degree in New Testament at Wheaton College, as well as a Masters of Theology and a Doctorate of Philosophy in New Testament Studies from University of Aberdeen (Scotland). He was ordained at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois under Dr. Kent Hughes. He is the author of Faithful Feelings: Rethinking Emotion in the New Testament (InterVarsity UK/Kregel) and Feel (Tyndale House).

Matthew, his wife, Laura, and three children reside in the Chicago area.

For more information on Oasis and the Africa Study Bible, visit www.oasisint.net or www.africastudybible.com


Review: Evangaline: The Seer of Wall Street by Clint Adams

Title: Evangeline: The Seer of Wall St.

Author: Clint Adams


Publisher's Insight:

The stars are infallible; one's true destiny cannot be altered. Or can it?A descendant of presidents John and John Quincy Adams, and the black sheep of her family, astrologer Evangeline Adams flees provincial Boston in 1899 to launch her business in New York City. On the train ride, she casts her own horoscopic chart. Her findings--death on November 10, 1932 and an unusual intimate union--alarm her. Soon after, she meets actress and suffragist Emma Sheridan-Fry, and she spends the rest of her life torn between society's restrictions and the trail-blazing nature that made her one of the most prominent female businesswomen of her time. Peopled with real historical figures, including J.P. Morgan, King Edward VII, Enrico Caruso, Rudolph Valentino, Charles Schwab, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Sheridan-Fry (who was known to have been a "companion" of Evangeline's) and occult figure Aleister Crowley, Evangeline The Seer of Wall St. immerses readers in a New York populated with the Wall Street wealthy and the downtrodden, all of whom visited Evangeline's Carnegie Hall office.

Review: I really wanted to love this book. It had everything I wanted in a book. A bit of mystical whimsy and some amazing bits of true life. It was everything, yet it did nothing for me. It's such a sad day when I can't finish a book. I'm normally under the belief system that once you start a book you finish it, no matter what. But I just couldn't.

You can tell that Clint Adams is a highly intelligent man, and writes exceptionally well. But for a reader, such as I, I want to be taken on a journey that will help me escape. Unfortunately I found his wording to be a bit stiff and hard to read.

I was only able to get 1/4 of the way through the book before I stopped. I did however realize that Mr. Adams had quite beautifully woven his characters together. He's taken a lot of time and consideration into them and they are very real.

I wish that I could have loved this book more. Please don't take my word for what "is" about this book, for each person has their own take on a book. Download the sample of the book and decide for yourself.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Hell School: Fresh Meat - Character Bio

Today we turn out attention to a book that came out on the 14th of March, just in time for March Madness. You know we all need something to read while the basketball games are playing!

Today I have Heidi Angell's new book Hell School. Here's a little bit about the book:

High school is hard, especially when you're a freshman in a new town, surrounded by people you don't understand and who don't understand you. Sam was overwhelmed just trying to fit in. Then she is singled out with the first letter. 
While some girls envy the “romantics” of this unknown admirer, Sam can tell something isn't right. Sam wanted to just blend in, but someone's eye is fixated on her. As the letters and bad poetry continue, so does the nagging in Sam's stomach telling her this is not normal. 
When things escalate from strange to creepy, Sam's world becomes a nightmare. Twisted admiration is stalking her around every corner in the high school from hell…. 
Wow, this sounds rather creepy. I hope Sam's OK.

I think that we should try a character bio of Mike Wells, one of the characters in the book. What do you think? I can't hear you! One more time!

Photo provided by author
Name: Michael Wells
Nickname: Mike
Age: 14 years old
A bit about: Mike has always been a part of the girls’ trio, and sometimes they forget he is a guy. He is the joker, the fun guy, the one to keep it light. Permanently friend zoned, he doesn’t let that hold him back. Full of fun and energy, he is surprisingly deep when given the opportunity.

Who I see playing Mike: Chase Crawford. He is attractive, but a bit goofy. His social status is mostly what it is because of his economic status and self-esteem.

Now it's time to see what Mike's role is in the whole thing. You'll want to go to AMAZON and get the book today!

Here's a little about our beautiful, talented author:

Bibliophile, lexicomaniac and wordsmith! She is the author of The Hunters Series, The Clear Angel Chronicles, and The Hell School Series. She also created Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire,

When she is not reading and writing, she can be found spending quality time
with her lovely family camping, hiking, swimming, or watching movies.  Learn
more about her and her books at HeidiAngell.com


Release Day Blitz: Underground and Silence by Janelle Stalder

I'm a day late and a dollar short this weekend, and I apologize to the author for not having this up on the actual release date, which was yesterday by the way! Happy Valentines Day y'all!

Let's give you a quick rundown and some buy links so you can run over and get these two books.

First, you'll want to start with Underground which is book 4 in the New World Series. Here's the rundown on what Underground is about.

Love isn't something you find.  
Love is something that finds you. 
Phoenix has spent her whole life fighting. All she's ever wanted was to return the world to a peaceful state, and bring down the New World Order. But now she finds herself in a different sort of battle. No longer set in the streets of New Berlin, the fighting has moved beneath them, in a vicious underground fighting ring run by outlaws bent on causing trouble. And if that isn't hard enough, she's stuck with the one person who loves to fight more than she does - Trent McKay. Now the race is on to get out of their new prison and back home - before they end up killing each other. 
Or worse - fall in love.  
***This book is for mature audiences due to strong language, violence, and sexual situations. 
Hello! I'm a mature audience. That sounds wonderful!  You'll want to click HERE to get it on Amazon and HERE if you want to go to Smashwords. And of course, you'll want to log it in on Goodreads, so click HERE to do that!

OK, we're all about book 4 now, and we have to wait for book 5, because there just has to be a book 5, RIGHT? But it will take our dear Janelle a little bit of time to get that done. So, she's given us book 4.5 to wet our whistle. So, let's hear a bit more about Silence shall we?

It is better to be seen and not heard… 
A firm believer of observing and listening rather than adding to the noise surrounding her, Pixie has always been the quiet one out of the Archers. Her intelligence and quiet confidence makes her the perfect choice to join Garrett, Tyler and Missy on their mission to get their friends back. But when she enters the underground network run by Sebastian Black, she suddenly finds her voice. Bastian rattles her like no other, breaking her silence. He sees and hears her more than anyone has in her entire life. But how can she trust a man like him? Now it’s a battle of wills, between what her head tells her, and what her heart insists. 
***This is a companion novella to Underground. It is recommended to read Underground first in order to follow the storyline of Silence. **This book is for mature audiences only, due to strong language, violence, and sexual situations. 
Squee, this sounds good. I wish I could start here, but....we have to do things in order don't we? So let's give you the Amazon link HERE, and the Smashwords link HERE and don't forget to leave your review on Goodreads HERE.

So, let me know  - are you as excited about this as me? Let me know what you think in the comments. I always love to hear from you.


Review: Diary of Anna: The Girl Witch by Max Candee

Title: Diary of Anna: The Girl Witch

Author: Max Candee


Publisher's Insight:

What do you do when you discover you’re a witch? 
And that using your new powers destroys your soul a little each time? 

Set in the Swiss countryside, this story blends ancient folklore with a coming of age tale about a young witch on the brink of womanhood. Anna Sophia has always known she was different. She didn’t know just how different until now.

Through a story of otherworldly magic, Anna Sophia finds a sense of real-world belonging. With its cast of strong characters, inventive setting, and engaging storyline, this fantasy adventure is a relevant novel for middle grade children or young adults.


OK, call me a child, but I can't help but love middle grade and YA books. It's a nice break from the more intense/harsh adult books.

I must say that Mr. Candee was very good at putting an intense dynamic into this book without scaring the reader too much. I can't tell you what happened, because...well SPOILER ALERTS! But it's something that will have you wanting to turn the pages rather quickly to see what happens.

You will notice that this book is not written by someone in the US. Some of the words are spelled a little differently and the landmarks are certainly not ones you would find here. I found that quite charming and quaint.

My only complaint with the book is that in the beginning Anna seems to be a young child, and seemingly childish. Then by the end of the book she seems much older and "into boys". It just didn't mesh well with me.

If you're looking for a good book for your child, I would recommend this one. There is intrigue, emotion, and fun.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library. This was an ebook and will be deleted from my Kindle after the review is published.


Review: My Coloring Journal and 2016 Coloring Quote Calendar

Title: My Coloring Journal and 2016 Coloring Quote Calendar

Author: Samantha Snyder


Publisher's Insight for My Coloring Journal:

My Coloring Journal--Live, Laugh, Love shares 60 beautiful doodle designs of inspiring sayings and words from A New Day, Believe, and Dream Big to Life’s a Journey, Live Your Dream, and Work Hard. Also included are beautiful doodle themes of flowers, shapes, and stars as well as pages to create your own doodles, record things you are thankful for, and list your favorite things.
The journal is designed so that you begin and finish each and every entry with plenty of enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.

Publisher's Insight for 2016 Coloring Quote Calendar:

The 2016 Coloring Quote Calendar is a great way to have fun while staying organized each and every month with "to do," "goals," and "event" lists.
Beautiful doodle designs and quotes for each month along with monthly calendars are sure to inspire the spirit and relax the mind.
Quotes from famous authors include Charles Dickens, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and more.
Seasonal themes—from hearts, leaves, and snowflakes to stars, sunshine, and waves—provide plenty of fun, inspiration, and relaxation.


I normally don't review two items at the same time, but Samantha made it easy for me to do so this time. Not only do the books look the same on the cover, but...they kinda go hand in hand.

It's said that journaling every day is something that can be quite cathartic, so being able to have a calendar to remind you (it has a to do list!) to do so, you'll be much more likely to actually do your journaling.

Samantha catches each month's quote wonderfully. I colored January, but since I just got to February (Happy February ya'll!) I colored it last night to show you how awesome the quotes are.

Since my wonderful boyfriend's birthday is on the 14th, this quote was just perfect and I showed it to him and told him it was for him. <3 

In addition to really kick butt quotes there are wonderful extra pages. You just have to see the coolness of the additional pages.

Aren't they just the cutest? It really does make you want to do something. To make a list and stick to it.

I love the journal, it's really helped me out this month with some feelings I've been going through. My husband died 12 years ago February 4th and I've actually had to use the journal to get some feelings out about him:

After dealing with such a heartfelt entry, I really needed something to bring me down, so coloring that doodle really helped me out.

Each book was so wonderfully thought out and designed perfectly. You do have to use colored pencil with this one, which is good for me since I have the Crayola Twistable ones, and they ROCK!

Thank you Samantha for being such an inspiration and a motivation for so many people. You are a blessing to me.

Make sure to visit Samantha at http://www.akabooks.com/ to get her books, and http://www.doodle-art-alley.com/. You'll love it.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library. These books will not be donated as I have colored and written in them.


Review: Switch a Wish by M.B. Earnheardt

Title: Switch a Wish

Author: M.B. Earnheardt


Publisher's Insight:

Chris and Amanda Claridge are that couple. They look happy. They live in a well-kept home, have three little girls and fit squarely into the roles of husband and wife. 

Chris is a handsome college professor who easily charms everyone he meets. He loves his job and can't wait to go to work everyday. Amanda is a dedicated mother and caretaker. She tends to the kids and appreciates how important her job is, even if others don't get it. 

Underneath the surface of this functioning family, things are unraveling. Marital problems are about to split them apart when something magical happens.

Chris and Amanda make a bedtime wish that forces them to live life as the other person. Chris must pretend to be his wife as he takes on childcare and household chores. Amanda steps out of her heels and into her Chris's shoes to tackle his job as a college professor. 

The role reversal is a revelation for the couple. Neither one has it as good, or bad, as they expected. 

Can Chris and Amanda make it past the secrets they have kept from each other? Will this new perspective give them the chance to find their way back to love?


Let's be honest here for a moment, I was scared that this book was going to be yet another Freaky Friday! But for some reason I decided to give it a chance, who knows what forces made me do it, but I'm glad they did!

Switch a Wish was a wonderfully delightful look into the lives of a dysfunctional married couple. Something most of us have first hand knowledge. *points no fingers* Amanda and Chris get to literally walk a mile in each other's shoes. For three whole days, this couple gets to know the other in an intimate way.

Amanda, who is tired of being in a marriage where there is no contact or appreciation.

Chris, who is tired of being in a marriage with no affection or understanding.

One mystical night, while putting their two daughters to sleep, they unwittingly wish for the same thing in a bedtime ritual, "I wish my wife/husband knew how hard it was to be me." The next morning all hell breaks loose, and it's hilarious and genuinely human.

Throughout the book M.B. puts in all the things we wish we knew about the opposite sex, and makes it lighthearted and real.

There's a twist in the end for Amanda who has to decide if being married to Chris is worth the effort.

I'm really impressed with how heartfelt and, as I said before, human this book is. It's a true delight to read, and I'd read it again. (Which says a lot for me.) I hope to read more from M.B. in the future.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.


Review: How to Think by Rick Norwood

Title: How to Think

Author: Rich Norwood


Publisher's Insight:

Thinking is what humans do best, and yet in America we seem to have given up on the idea of teaching students how to think. "How to Think" teaches basic critical thinking skills.
To think clearly, you must understand:
• Sometimes you are going to be wrong.
• Always ask yourself, “Why do I think that?”
• Some of your best thinking happens when you are asleep, but you first need to learn the facts so that your subconscious mind has something to work on.
• There is no group of people in which everyone is alike. If anyone tells you that everyone in a group is alike, they are not worth listening to. 
• In thinking about politics, listen to what the candidates say and do, but never pay any attention to what one party says about the other party.
The author teaches critical thinking skills in several courses, including Logic and Problem Solving, Mathematical Reasoning, and History of Mathematics.


How to Think, by Rick Norwood, explains how to think more clearly and manage your thoughts in order to improve your life.  This guide includes an exercise at the end of each chapter to reinforce the information presented. The practice of doing the exercises helped me to understand and retain the concepts for use in everyday thinking and decision making. 

The topics covered include how to control your thinking in order to be happier and better at problem solving, more innovative and productive, and less influenced by stereotypes; how to think critically and identify falsehoods; how to make rational decisions; and how to deal with fear and anger. Fallacies, laws of logic, and confirmation bias are defined, and examples are provided. Learning this material helps with evaluating communications from others and communicating more effectively yourself. 

This book presents knowledge and strategies that are valuable for the minds of adults and children alike, at all ages and stages of life.


Review brought to you by the newest and brightest star in the Page Turner's reviewing team: Lora L.
Lora will be keeping this book for future reference. I'm glad she was able to find one that she would keep for that purpose. 


Review: Wildly Human by Christina Barnes

Title: Wildly Human

Author: Christina Barnes


Publisher's Insight:
You have a story. It's uniquely yours. It's full of challenges, beliefs, loves, fears, successes and failures, among other things. There is no wrong story. At the present time, at the end of it, it says;
(to be continued...) today. Are you the writer or do you feel more like the reader of your story? 
This is a collection of unlikely messengers bringing you 19 concepts about life, designed to awaken the writer within you. Your thoughts are your pen and paper.
The purpose is to encourage you to connect the dots of your own story. And to love your story no matter how crazy or dysfunctional it seems. It's what makes you so wildly human. Ultimately, you'll want to rise up like a mama bear in how you love yourself, and who and what you allow into your life. As long as you're on this earth, it's never too late to write a happy ending for yourself.



I enjoy a good book with positive anecdotes, and lessons that put us on the right track, but this time the book fell flat for me.

I've analyzed my feelings on this book until I've turned blue in the face, and have procrastinated until I felt that I couldn't any longer. So here I am, moving along and trying to get my feelings out about this book without sounding contrary or trite.

First, let's start with the positive aspects of the book. Ms. Barnes illustrated this book beautifully and quite uniquely. I'd love to have the talent she has.

And, I found that it was very easy to grasp the, "And the moral of the story is..." point in each story.

Now onto the less than exciting feelings that I had for this book.

This book is designed as a book to help women exclusively, which in and of itself is not a bad thing. The problem for me is that I felt as if the author sat down and thought of every negative stereotype  about the female gender and wrote a concise story about how we're wrong and how to make it better. It felt preachy and somewhat degrading.

My next issue with the book was the fact that each story was very simplistic in nature and felt more like story time at the library than a book of empowering anecdotes.

And as I wrap up my thoughts on this book I'll tell you why the book confused me. And this one was a biggie for me, almost a sense of false advertising if you will. On the back cover of the book it states:

Are you the writer or do you feel more like the reader of your story?This is a collection of unlikely messengers bringing you 19 concepts to awaken the writing within you. Your thoughts are your pen and paper.

Perhaps Ms. Barnes was using a metaphor here, and I'm sure she was, but it fell flat with me. I thought I understood the book (from the description from the publicity agent - who ultimately got the info from the author) to be for a writer. So perhaps this was MY folly, and I hope you will take that into consideration as you read this review.

I do want to disclose that I didn't finish reading the book. Mostly because I felt preached at, and partially because the book made me feel sad that someone would see so many faults in a woman's character. I want to be uplifted in a book, not ride 19 waves of emotion in a book with each short story.

Perhaps the stories would have been better suited for submission to a women's magazine where the point would have been seen as a shining example of what a woman can overcome, rather than an example of where womanhood has gon awry.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.