Review: Doodle Art Valley Books Volume 1 by Samantha Snyder

Doodle Art Valley Books

Title: Doodle Art Alley Books Volume 1

Author: Samantha Snyder


From Publisher: 

Imagination Will Take You Everywhere shares 50 doodle art images of inspiring sayings, quotes, and words printed on one side of the page for all ages to color.

Quotes from famous authors include Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin, John Keats, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, and more. The book also includes sayings and words from Be Kind, Courage, and Dream Big to Enjoy the Journey, Faith, and Hope.

Each doodle art image has been carefully selected to provide plenty of enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.

Now for my review, which of course is what you really came for in the first place, right?

First I must say, I am a zentangle addict. I have been tangling for a little over a year and a half now to deal with the physical pain that I deal with from Fibromyalgia and arthritis. It has helped me tremendously to do what I call mindful meditation. I'm not sure if it's the same type of mindful meditation that the gurus out there use, but it's what I use. I also call it artful meditation. I find that Ms. Snyder has found the perfect balance of zendoodles in her drawings, and sayings. And another thing I love to do is color. I have for many years. Even after my kids outgrew it as toddlers.

So when I had the opportunity to review this book, thanks in part to Word Slinger Publicity and Ms. Samantha Snyder, I had to jump at the opportunity. I normally donate my books that I get for review, but after coloring in this one, I don't think that my local library will want this one, so sorry, this is all mine.

I will say that Samantha picked the perfect sayings, for this book. They are wonderfully uplifting and kind. They make me feel as if I have been thought of kindly. I honestly will be taking them to my therapy appointment today to show her. When I'm there I need to have something to keep my hands busy while talking to her, and she uses things like this for her younger clients. I think that this would be a great uplifting thing for therapy.

My only suggestions for this wonderful book would be the following:

  1. Perforations - I'd love to be able to take some of these out and hang them up to remind myself of the sentiments from time to time, without ruining the book.
  2. Heavy weight cardboard insert - This would be for inserting behind the drawings so the markers wouldn't bleed through to the next wonderful saying. I'd hate to ruin the next doodle with the ink from the previous. 

All in all this book is a 5 star book.

Here's a little more about the author:
Samantha Snyder has been doodling her whole life. While teaching elementary school, she often drew up coloring pages and printables for her students and fellow teachers. She decided to start sharing her creations and in 2008, Doodle Art Alley was founded. Doodle Art Alley is dedicated to giving those squiggly lines the proper credit they deserve. Who would have thought that such a small and simple idea could possess so much potential? There are lots of fun art activities, tips and information to read through and enjoy.
I didn't give you enough information? Head on over to Samantha's website by clicking HERE

I'd like to thank Word Slinger Publicity for the opportunity to review this book. I would donate the book, but I've colored in it, and I don't think that anyone would want it. :)