Review: The Darker Path (Haven's Realm #2) by Tamara Monteau

Title: The Darker Path (Haven's Realm #2)
Author: Tamara Monteau
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Blurb: Ki’ara’s responsibilities were clear: she was destined to rule her world and produce heirs to strengthen the Royal Family. But on the eve of her coronation, with uncertainty about her suitors bearing hard on her, she chooses to follow the strange path that opens for her, allows it to take her to the strange place called New England and into the arms of Colton Graves, a man more powerful and dangerous than she ever imagined. Her struggles to understand his self-hatred and anger leads her to the Vampire Community, where answers only bring more questions, and she is forced to choose between her love of Colton and her duty to the Realm.


At first I had a hard time getting into this book because my preconceived notions of vampires were not met, but after allowing myself time to sit and read I found I couldn't stop.I'm so glad that the author has shown me that all vampires are not created equal and hers are wonderfully well written on every single page. Tamara has again woven a tale full of well written characters and a page turning plot. If you haven't read Haven's Realm yet, you need to start now so you can get to this wonderful book. Off to read book three.


Review: Call Me Cat by Karpov Kinrade

Title: Call Me Cat
Author: Karpov Kinrade
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BlurbCatelyn Travis is a good girl who gets good grades in law school, doesn’t date and never gets into trouble. 

But when a run of bad luck threatens to destroy everything she's worked for, she's forced to become Cat, phone sex goddess who fulfills the fantasies of her clients night after night.

When she meets Ashton Davenport the Third, bad boy biker billionaire, she knows to stay away. But when he calls her alter ego, Cat, she has no choice but to fall for the sexy stranger.

Now her life is spiraling out of control as she struggles to keep her two identities separate, but there's one person who knows her secret.

And he'll stop at nothing to destroy her, just like he destroyed her parents.

Threatened at every turn, her life crumbling around her, Catelyn must decide who she can trust, because the wrong choice could end her life.

Review: Cat is a college student trying to make it in the world. Money isn't the easiest thing to come by. When dire straits hit, Cat takes matters into her own hands. She knows that others will be a little concerned about what and how she's making it, but what has to be done is done. When real life and her alternate life collide will she be able to handle it?

Karpov Kinrade is not one to disappoint in Call Me Cat. With endearing characters, and spectacular writing this book will take you for a ride and keep you guessing. 

As always Karpov Kinrade has given me something to get hot over and to worry and wonder over. All I can say is that the next book has a lot of answers in it, or it better. I need more Catelyn!

I'd like to thank Karpov Kinrade for providing a copy of this book for me to read. All opinions are 100% mine and receiving a copy of this book in no way swayed my opinion.