Scarlet City Studios Online Christian Video Game Aetherlight

TitleAetherlight - online Christian video game

Author: Scarlet City Studios


Publisher's Insight:

Why is this important?

Pre-teens today grow up in a world with many competing stories on which they can base their lives. Will it be the story of consumerism? Or perhaps the story of Hedonism? Or even the story of Nihilism? None of these stories are sustainable, and to the Christian, we know that the best story to base your life on is the story of a loving God who created the world good, and despite humanity’s sin, has enacted a plan to redeem and restore that which he created. Pre-teens are caught up in various "life stories" at a young age, and we believe that these stories need to be subverted at a young age with the story of the gospel, so that pre-teens (and teens!) can begin to live an alternative story with confidence. Knowing the story of the Bible will give tweens and teens a vocabulary and a “set of lenses” to view the world and culture as they transition from childhood into adulthood.


I'm mixed on this review. It should be somewhere between a two star and a three star. My preteen found this game too much on the simple side. They are used to playing games that are harder to work with and honestly less Godly. I played for a bit and I too found it to be quite simplistic in its game play. Even Minecraft seems to be much more on the hard side than this game. I honestly wouldn't pay for this game.

I'm really finding it hard to give any positive input into this game. The graphics were simple but on the cute side, but completely not realistic. The voices didn't actually talk you had to read everything. I wish that I could come up with something more positive.

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