Review: Stereo Realism - The Hidden World by Milton R. Tice

Stereo Realism

Title: Stereo Realism - The Hidden World

Author: Milton R. Tice

Insight from publisher:

This book is an announcement of a new style in visual art!
An invisible world is hidden right before our conscious mind. This is an artist's personal journey and discovery about the world around him including observations and insight in three-dimensional sight and how to apply this knowledge to your own art. Within these pages, the artist will find a universal truth - an old way of seeing the world made new.

I gave this book a three out of four star rating only because I don't do half stars. It's just not fair to the star to be cut in half like that.
Mr. Tice has got to be one of the most intelligent artists I have ever seen/read. Looking at his art made me want to jump right in and live in it. The conceptual work was there and it was handed to me on a plate, but to be honest with you it was just too much. It was like going to Denny's and getting Foie Gras. I guess I'm not that technically astute in my artwork to want to dig into the depth that Mr. Tice handed me. It honestly, more than once, gave me a headache.
I will tell you though, that looking at his pictures, and grasping some of the subtleties of his artwork, and how he curved his lines on the flooring, how his chairs and baskets were bigger to make up for some of the aesthetics of the work gave me great ideas that I've brought into my own work, and for that I will forever thank him.
Regards: I would like to thank Word Slinger Publicity for the opportunity to read this book. Without them this review would not have been possible. This book will be donated to the Colton Hepburn Public Library for Circulation or for the Friends of the Library.