Review: How to Think by Rick Norwood

Title: How to Think

Author: Rich Norwood


Publisher's Insight:

Thinking is what humans do best, and yet in America we seem to have given up on the idea of teaching students how to think. "How to Think" teaches basic critical thinking skills.
To think clearly, you must understand:
• Sometimes you are going to be wrong.
• Always ask yourself, “Why do I think that?”
• Some of your best thinking happens when you are asleep, but you first need to learn the facts so that your subconscious mind has something to work on.
• There is no group of people in which everyone is alike. If anyone tells you that everyone in a group is alike, they are not worth listening to. 
• In thinking about politics, listen to what the candidates say and do, but never pay any attention to what one party says about the other party.
The author teaches critical thinking skills in several courses, including Logic and Problem Solving, Mathematical Reasoning, and History of Mathematics.


How to Think, by Rick Norwood, explains how to think more clearly and manage your thoughts in order to improve your life.  This guide includes an exercise at the end of each chapter to reinforce the information presented. The practice of doing the exercises helped me to understand and retain the concepts for use in everyday thinking and decision making. 

The topics covered include how to control your thinking in order to be happier and better at problem solving, more innovative and productive, and less influenced by stereotypes; how to think critically and identify falsehoods; how to make rational decisions; and how to deal with fear and anger. Fallacies, laws of logic, and confirmation bias are defined, and examples are provided. Learning this material helps with evaluating communications from others and communicating more effectively yourself. 

This book presents knowledge and strategies that are valuable for the minds of adults and children alike, at all ages and stages of life.


Review brought to you by the newest and brightest star in the Page Turner's reviewing team: Lora L.
Lora will be keeping this book for future reference. I'm glad she was able to find one that she would keep for that purpose.