Review: Switch a Wish by M.B. Earnheardt

Title: Switch a Wish

Author: M.B. Earnheardt


Publisher's Insight:

Chris and Amanda Claridge are that couple. They look happy. They live in a well-kept home, have three little girls and fit squarely into the roles of husband and wife. 

Chris is a handsome college professor who easily charms everyone he meets. He loves his job and can't wait to go to work everyday. Amanda is a dedicated mother and caretaker. She tends to the kids and appreciates how important her job is, even if others don't get it. 

Underneath the surface of this functioning family, things are unraveling. Marital problems are about to split them apart when something magical happens.

Chris and Amanda make a bedtime wish that forces them to live life as the other person. Chris must pretend to be his wife as he takes on childcare and household chores. Amanda steps out of her heels and into her Chris's shoes to tackle his job as a college professor. 

The role reversal is a revelation for the couple. Neither one has it as good, or bad, as they expected. 

Can Chris and Amanda make it past the secrets they have kept from each other? Will this new perspective give them the chance to find their way back to love?


Let's be honest here for a moment, I was scared that this book was going to be yet another Freaky Friday! But for some reason I decided to give it a chance, who knows what forces made me do it, but I'm glad they did!

Switch a Wish was a wonderfully delightful look into the lives of a dysfunctional married couple. Something most of us have first hand knowledge. *points no fingers* Amanda and Chris get to literally walk a mile in each other's shoes. For three whole days, this couple gets to know the other in an intimate way.

Amanda, who is tired of being in a marriage where there is no contact or appreciation.

Chris, who is tired of being in a marriage with no affection or understanding.

One mystical night, while putting their two daughters to sleep, they unwittingly wish for the same thing in a bedtime ritual, "I wish my wife/husband knew how hard it was to be me." The next morning all hell breaks loose, and it's hilarious and genuinely human.

Throughout the book M.B. puts in all the things we wish we knew about the opposite sex, and makes it lighthearted and real.

There's a twist in the end for Amanda who has to decide if being married to Chris is worth the effort.

I'm really impressed with how heartfelt and, as I said before, human this book is. It's a true delight to read, and I'd read it again. (Which says a lot for me.) I hope to read more from M.B. in the future.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.