Review: The One Year Book of Healing

Title: The One Year Book of Healing

Author: Dr. Reggie Anderson


Publisher's Insight:

We’re all sick and we’re all hurting. Whether it’s a broken arm or a broken heart, a chronic illness or wounds from our past, the fact remains: We are all in desperate need of God’s healing. In our pain, it can be easy to believe God has forgotten about us, to believe that he doesn’t even care.

Dr. Reggie Anderson, author of the acclaimed memoir Appointments with Heaven, knows it can’t be predicted how God’s healing work will come to pass in our lives and hearts . . . only that it will. As a country doctor who has had remarkable experiences attending people in pain, Reggie wants you to see what he sees every day―that whatever your sickness, whatever your hurt, God is alive and active in your life. He wants you to be truly well, even if that looks different than you might expect. Rich in story and inspiration, The One Year Book of Healing will reveal the many ways our Savior heals and intervenes in the lives of the sick and the hurting―giving you the faith, hope, and patience to believe that God can do the same in your life.


There are several types of healing that I need in my life.


I have a hard time dealing with the reality of both of them in my life. Of knowing that I can't control how I feel on them, or so I thought. I have been reading this book and beginning to understand how God is able to help me control how I feel about them. I may not be able to control what happened to me, or the physical manifestation of my pain, but I can change the way that I deal with it, and who I go to to help me feel better.

This book is so well written, with great anecdotes about the scripture given and a great action to go with it, then a prayer that leads you in the right way to start your prayer to head into this devotional time. What a blessing to have in my life and I plan on getting more blessings in the year to come. And the best thing about it, I feel that the message (even reading it a second time a year later) will have a different meaning for you and help you in the way that you need it, when you need it. 

************ I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library.