Review: Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children by Patricia May

Title: Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children

Author: Patricia May


Publisher's Insight:

A Seashell Meditation for Children, Under the Sea, is a unique coloring activity book that contains a short meditation story rhyme using a seashell as a tool for focus and concentration. With a simple and easy meditation technique, even the youngest children can engage and have fun. The book encourages the child to use their imagination while listening to the story as it is being read. The child then can color the pages that corresponds with the meditation story as well as create their own images in spaces provided. Mindfulness meditation techniques help to relax kids, creates many benefits of meditation, and encourages the child to engage and participate. Very interactive and fun for all. (Seashell not Included)


Under the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for ChildrenUnder the Sea: A Seashell Meditation for Children by Patricia May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have anxiety, depression and pain and use meditation to help ease some of the pain associated with it. It's taken me many years and many books, sites, and apps to help me get to the core of what I need to know.

I found this book to be adorable and very accurate to what my psychologist uses to help me meditate and actually to be hypnotized. They had a wonderful little rhyme and visualization that really made it easy to follow and something that a child would actually want to do. I loved the fact that there were activities in the book as well as coloring pages. It made it relatable and fun.

I would suggest this to any parent/psychologist/therapist who would like to teach their little ones how to meditate in a fun and constructive way.

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