Review: Magical Designs Coloring Art Book by Samantha Snyder

Magical Designs Coloring Art Book

Title: Magical Designs Coloring Art Book - 100 Hand-Drawn Inspirations ~ Volume 1

Author: Samantha Snyder


Publisher Insight: A Coloring Book Featuring Mandalas, Hennas, Flowers, Animals, Paisley Patterns, and More!
Magical Designs Coloring Art Book shares 100 doodle art images of eight design types from abstracts, animals, flowers, and geometrics to hennas, mandalas, nature, and space printed on one side of the page for all ages to color.
  • Choose your color combinations and be amazed at what patterns they create.
  • Discover how to create your own beautiful pictures including geometric and abstract cooling designs.
  • Slow down and enjoy the colors and patterns coming to life in front of you to gain greater focus, dedication, and patience.
  • Take a deep breath, sit down, and color. Let the detailed designs take shape before your eyes. Enjoy!
Each doodle art image has been carefully selected to provide plenty of coloring enjoyment, inspiration, and relaxation.

Review: As with the other Doodle Art Alley Coloring book I've reviewed. (Doodle Art Valley Book Volume 1) I'm rather enchanted. But this one doesn't have a sayings theme like the other book. This is separated into rather distinctive sections.

  • Abstract Designs
  • Animal Designs
  • Flower Designs
  • Geometric Designs
  • Henna Designs
  • Mandala Designs
  • Nature Designs
  • Space Designs
How can you not love a book that is separated into so many wonderful sections? Well, I had to get started coloring, so here's my process.

I'm a little OCD when it comes to coloring, so I set out all of my colors, and my book, and get ready.

Magical Designs Coloring Art Book

Like all of Doodle Art Alley Books, I still have a problem with the fact that they don't have a piece of card stock that you can use to protect the next drawing from your markers, so you see I've provided my own.

I get in there and start working each little doodle with color, to make sure that there is no two colors the same near each other. This was after my first coloring session. I've had to cut my sessions short due to a back problem, but the good thing about coloring, it's always right there when you come back to it.

And when I finally finished, here was my little Tiki Bird with the corn cob legs. :) I used markers, Sharpies, and highlighters. There is no right or wrong when it comes to coloring you know. And I've come to find out with Doodle Art Alley there is no wrong either. Way to go Samantha, another hit.

Stay tuned for an interview with Samantha Snyder soon. I'm so very excited. *does the Tigger dance*


I'd like to thank Word Slingers Publicity and Kathy at aka books for such a wonderful opportunity to review this book. This book will be kept in my collection since it has been colored in.