Review Cruel and Beautiful by AM Hargrove and Terri Laine

Cruel and Beautiful

Title: Cruel & Beautiful

Author: AM Hargrove and Terri Laine


Insight From Publisher:

Cate Forbes, a dedicated college student with a carefully plotted future, doesn’t know the first thing about love. When she accepts a blind date with a tasty piece of eye candy, she thinks she can get by with a night of fun. Cate’s plans quickly unravel when she gets one look at the sexy…

Drew McKnight. 

The relentless hockey-playing medical resident knows what he wants—a career in Oncology and Cate. Although he’s heard the gorgeous brunette is a little relationship skittish, a single night out isn’t what he has in mind. Determined to have her—in every way possible—he shows her just what a future with him would hold.

Only life has other plans. The unthinkable happens and everything begins to shatter. Both in too deep, they will have to fight the cruel and hang on to the beautiful.

My Review: Since I was reading this on my Kindle I was able to see percentages of how far into the book things took place. About 86% of the way through the book really started picking up and the storyline really started pulling me in. I really started to understand where this might have been going and how the characters were going with things. Until then I was pretty much thrown under the bus.

In the Goodreads profile it markets this book as Rated R, and I think that they really should just drop that and go with rating it as an erotica and cut to the chase. I'm wondering why their  editor didn't space out the sex scenes a little more so they could have used it more through the book. It seemed the beginning 30% of the book had 90% of the most descriptive sex scenes, and the last 70% had the milder sex scenes. The whole book seemed a little off balance in that way to me.

And Louise. Now I've heard it called a Vajayjay, but I've never heard of anyone every naming their, hooha. But this book spent a good 36% (Thank God for Kindle percentages!) Talking about landscaping Louise. I mean really. I don't even think about my hooha that much, even when I find a new man. Maybe that says more about me than it does about the book, but man, talk about something else.

But once I got past the 80% mark, I fell in love. I wanted to know where those authors were the entire book. Where that passion and understanding and feeling were all along. Kate forgot about Louise, and embraced her character. You stopped reading about nothing but sex, and actually had dialogue and descriptive interludes. I wanted this throughout the whole book.


I want to thank the authors, and Badass Marketing for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC copy of this book. It will now be deleted off of my Kindle.