Saying Goodbye, Part One by Abigail Drake

Saying Goodbye, Part OneSaying Goodbye, Part One by Abigail Drake
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Wow! Just WOW!

Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. Abigail Drake writes characters that will make you love, hate, adore, abhor, and send you right into their lives. You'll never be the same after reading this. DO NOT pick this book up if you want a book that's going to end in a pretty package. You will be left hanging and I hope that Part Two is going to pick up where Part One left off, because I'm invested now, and I don't want to let go.

Samantha really wants a good time before she heads off to Japan for the semester, but what she thought would be a fling ended up being more than that. Deep DARK secrets may break her, but she really finds her strength in places she didn't know she had.

Dylan is in LOVE with Samantha, he's so in love he's a little controlling. Will this relationship work, especially with Samantha leaving for Japan so soon? Will his secrets haunt them, or will they bring them together?

Such a great book with a storyline that grips your heart like a vice and won't let go until the very end. As you finish the book you start to miss the characters the second you put the book down.

Highly addictive, wonderfully written. Way to go Ms. Drake. Kudos!

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