Review: That Which Does NOT Destroy Me by Daria Wagoner

Title: That Which Does NOT Destroy Me

Author: Daria Wagoner


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That Which Does Not Destroy MeThat Which Does Not Destroy Me by Daria J Wagoner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I could have rated this book a three and a half I would have. Not that the book was bad, but I felt there needed to be a let down (or a bring up) from the horrors that this poor woman has been through.

I also think that this book should come with a trigger warning when sold.

I love the fact that this author was able to put down into words all that she has been through in life. I can only imagine the heartbreak she had to go through to relive it. I applauded her for surviving the life she lived and living a better life after.

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