Author Interview with Linda Bloodworth

Ok, I'm a sucker for a awesome writer who needs a little push. I met Linda Bloodworth on G+ and thought that you guys might like to meet her and find out about who she is, and maybe take a look at her book.

So, why don't you sit back and enjoy our little conversation:

Page Turners: Ok, rather odd fact I read about you...you lie on your stomach while you write. Is that true? Is it difficult on a laptop? Or do you use pen/paper?

Linda: Yup, it’s very true. It’s the way I prefer to write. Growing up I did all my homework that way, which was written with pen/paper, but now as an adult I do everything on my laptop this way. Sitting at a desk for a long period of time annoys me. There’s nothing more comforting than working lying down. I realize this isn’t the norm, but hey, it works for me. 

Page Turners: Do you have a certain atmosphere that you need to be able to write?

Linda: I prefer to be alone, surrounded by my favourite trinkets that I can look at when I need to take a break from the screen. In my writing area I have a few porcelain green figures like: a bird, an elephant, and an ampersand. Green is my favourite colour it always gives me a sense peace.

Page Turners: Give me some insight on why you chose to write A Raven's Touch? Did it come to you in a dream? Did the little voices inside your head bug you until you wrote it? (That one is what happens to me.)
Linda: Funny you should say dream. I did have a dream, and when I woke up I wrote it down right way, and from a few sentences the story was born. I first wrote this story when I was in high school and now as an adult I re-wrote it. The only thing I’ve kept from the original story was the title and my main character’s first name; Justice. Everything else was totally different. My original story was more or less the ending of Sailor Moon season one. Mind you, I do have quite a few Sailor Moon references in the story. If you’re a fan you’ll see what I mean.

Page Turners: You self-published. What were your experiences? Did you find it hard? 
Linda: Self-publishing has been a journey indeed. The process of hitting publish/upload wasn’t all that bad, the indie community is incredibly supportive, and the friends I’ve made on Facebook are always willing to answer questions or provide a point of view that I may not have considered. The writing process was hard as hell. I had moments where I doubted myself, I re-wrote my book three times, and had a mini break down about it. However, it really showed me what it’s like to persevere and how to not give up. Even when I was having a craptastic day my husband, and online friends really gave me that pick me up to remember that I was on a mission to complete my dream.

Page Turners: What's the most challenging thing for you right now as a published author?
Linda: Definitely promotion. It’s very difficult to find the right formula of where to advertise, and finding the right audience to appreciate my book. My experience on twitter has been fruitful, but again, it’s different for everyone. 

Page Turners: An odd question that I like to ask since I'm a huge Bones fan Dr. Wells asked Bones the following question - Given the choice, would you rather be run over by one steamroller or by 1,000 mopeds? What would you choose?
Linda: Huh, that quite the question. I’ve never watched this show, but I’d have to go with a steamroller. At least you know what’s coming and that it’s all one blow versus 1,000 mopeds of uncertainty velocity and speed.

Page Turners: Everyone asks if you like chocolate or vanilla - but I'm going to ask if you like bacon or pepperoni? 

Linda: I don’t eat either of them. I’m more of a fruit girl.

Page Turners: Is there anything else you'd like to share with me, with my readers? We're all ears!
Linda: Some weird random facts about me: my second toe is larger than my first, I was born a leftie, but my mother made me change hands so I am ambidextrous, I’m anaphylactic allergic to kiwi and I found out the hard way, and I honest to goodness detest tea; I blame my mother for over-teaing me. 

Well, that was a great conversation. I was sorry to see her leave but if anyone wants to stalk, I mean check out any of Linda's contact information - here's how you can do it:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaBloodworthWriter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LindaBloodworth
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+LindaBloodworth
Wordpress: https://lindabloodworth.wordpress.com/
Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1TI8OVq
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1MVpAek