Review: Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas by Carol J. Walker

Title: Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas

Author: Carol J. Walker


Publisher's Insight:

During the infamously heartbreaking BLM 2014 Checkerboard Roundup in Wyoming, a chance encounter between a regal wild stallion and acclaimed photographer Carol Walker changes both of their lives forever.

The new photo documentary book, Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas, is the result of that encounter. In this, the third book for this multiple-award winning author and artist, Walker’s evocative photographs and poignant prose document the story of rescuing the stallion she named Bronze Warrior and his band of mares and offspring from different BLM holding facilities and reuniting them in a place where they could live out their lives together, safe and undisturbed. Like every satisfying animal story, the venture is not without difficulties and sorrows, but ultimately, this is a tale of triumph and joy. And even better: It is true. Aged horses such as Bronze Warrior (22 when he is captured) usually are the last to be adopted and therefore are the most likely to spend their remaining years in cramped BLM pens without their families. Especially concerned for this gallant stallion and his band, Walker reaches out to Manda Kalimian of the Cana Projects for help; the two share Thoreau’s belief that “in wildness is the preservation of the world.” Together, these two staunch and vocal wild horse advocates win over even the BLM bureaucracy to the effort. Susan Watt, of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, is the third “Reunion Team” member.

The story is, by turns, nerve-wracking and frustrating, thrilling and surprising, charming, heart-warming and delightful. The captivating photographs likewise offer a widely ranging emotional journey, from touching to powerful. In combination, the images and story build to a victorious resolution. By journey’s end, one is struck by the horses’ timeless elegance and dignity, whether enduring a brutal holding facility or soaring in spirited freedom. One is equally moved
by the dogged perseverance of the humans in the story.

So, Reader, beware: This book might change your own life forever. Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas features more than 144 pages of full color photographs in hardcover, equally suitable for coffee table browsers, fine art photography admirers, or the libraries of serious equine science students. Appendices offer information on wild horse advocacy efforts, Cana Projects, and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.


I'm in awe right now. This book is absolutely stunning. Ms. Walker has captured the heart and soul of wild horses in her pictures in a way that I've not seen before. And being able to read along with the pictures the tale of these wonderful horses and their journey was a journey in and of itself. I was taken aback by what is done to these poor creatures. How could anything so beautiful be considered in the way, and uprooted from their home? It brought me to mind how the Indians may have felt when they were uprooted from their land, and the struggle that they faced. Except I can't see them having someone as kindhearted and loving as Ms. Walker on their side.

I wanted to cry, cheer, and be right alongside Ms. Walker as she journeyed with these magnificent beasts.

If you love horses, or just love to see stunning photography of what true wild freedom looks like, then Galloping Freedom is a must have. It would make an absolutely brilliant coffee table book, and a gift for any horse enthusiast.

My only problem with this book was the smell. When I opened it had a very strong printers ink (almost oil paint) smell to it. As a person with a high sensitivity to odors, this was a strong turn off to me. But of course this in no way reflects on Ms. Walker and her wonderful work with the horses, or the lovely writing/photography in this book. So, I couldn't in all good conscience use that as a part of my rating system, but it did need to be noted.

I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own. Most books are donated to the local library for circulation, or donation to the Friends of the Library, or to a Little Free Library near me.