Review: a WHALE who dreamt of a SNAIL by William Heimbach

Title: a WHALE who dreamt of a SNAIL
Author: William Heimbach

Blurb"When I was little, I had a dream." 
So begins the new book by William Heimbach, illustrated by Angelina Tolentino. 

This story inspires us to think about our dreams while playfully showing kids the diversity of animals and environments in the world. 
If we dream about a whale, what does the whale dream about (perhaps a snail,) and then what? How are we all connected? 
The poetic quality of the story and the vivid illustration style makes for the perfect book to read before bedtime.

Review:This was a book that I got FREE from bookgorilla.com. This is a site that I get book deals from for my Kindle. You have to love good deals on books.

This lovely little children’s book was the perfect bedtime story for a child that you cherish. Though I must admit I stared at the art far more than I did the words. The artist did a fantabulous job!